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Building  Excellence  in  Teacher  Education

X-elerated Professional Development in the Integration of Technology in Teacher Education (XPDITTE) Project

NCTE as a progressive and forward looking organization makes constant endeavors to keep the teacher educators updated with the latest developments in the teacher education sector. It has been actively involved with empowering teacher educators with the technology skills and pedagogic skills needed to train our students to become successful citizen of the knowledge economy. These would help instill 21st century skills and develop skills like creative thinking and problem solving among the students. Training sessions on ICT were conducted for them in 2002. These are now dated, since technology has transformed itself and new efforts are needed in this direction.

NCTE is now launching a new project for integrating technology in education: the XPDITTE (X-elerated Professional Development in the Integration of Technology in Teacher Education) project in collaboration with Intel® Teach Program. The Intel Teach program is a globally acclaimed program that is being implemented in 40 countries worldwide. It aims to help classroom teachers learn how best to use technology to improve teaching and learning. This collaborative project aims to provide professional development in technology integration to all teacher educators across the country. The objectives of this project are to impart sustained professional development to all teacher educators from all recognized institutions of teacher education across the country.

The XPDITTE training sessions are imparted by Intel Teach trainers under the guidance of the resource persons nominated by NCTE. The project follows a cascade model, in order to accelerate the reach and the pace of the project; and to encourage collaborative peer learning. Two teacher educators are nominated by each college to undergo this training and become Master Trainers (MTs). These master trainers are expected to train all the faculty members of their respective colleges within four months of the MT training. Thus, all the teacher educators would be covered under this project. If you want to be nominated as a Resource Person by NCTE, please click here, to input your details for nomination. 

As the teacher educators are being trained, NCTE will take steps to make integration of technology in education an integral part of the Teacher Education curriculum. The training curriculum for this project has been developed by Intel Teach, at the advice of NCTE. It includes technology skills as well as pedagogic aspects associated with technology integration. The learning material focuses on the use of technology skills in teaching and learning. The training offers easy–to-follow step-by-step instructions for technology skills and is easy to follow. The learning material consists of the Curriculum manual, Companion CD and Teacher Educators’ Handbook. The manual provides the basic technology skills and the ways and means of integrating these in the classroom processes. The Companion CD shares examples of the various products that the trainees would develop; and hands-on skills. The Teacher Educators’ Handbook is designed to provide teacher educators with knowledge and skills they would need to transact this curriculum to the student teachers; some knowledge on the web2 technologies to update them on the latest internet usage models.  

You would have received communication from NCTE asking you to nominate teacher educators for participation in MT training, and offer your colleges as venue for these trainings. Please click here for offering training venue. Please contribute in this project as this pioneering effort has great value across the entire education system of the country. As teacher education institutions will prepare to empower individual graduates and turn them into world class professional teachers, K-12 education will get a tremendous boost. This project may well be instrumental in transforming the face of education in this country.

An NCTE - Intel® Teach collaboration


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